Drawn from Glenn Harris’s closing remarks

was the name of the closing plenary of the Facing Race 2020 Conference presented by Race Forward. Glenn Harris outlined that people, cultural, and institutional power must all be built simultaneously to create a system that adequately serves all people in the USA. …

Strategic Foresight’s 3 Horizons Framework Re-Tooled

An acknowledgement of the systemic injustice that fed the current status quo is necessary when designing the future.

In the below visual, the y-axis signifies the present moment, and the area to the left of it, the historical perspective, is generally left out of strategic foresight discussions. This is often for good reason, as imagining various possibilities for the future can be a daunting task, with little room…

Photograph by Nelson Saarni on Instagram

Buddhist philosophy has had a powerful impact on the Western psyche since its importation became a trend in the 1960s. It can take many forms. It can be a set of psychological tools for interrupting negative thought patterns and cultivating healing. It can be a set of complex rituals that…

Mass Incarceration is Designed to Profit from Inequity

(Click above or here to see the Prison Policy Initiative’s comprehensive report “The Whole Pie 2020”).

That is a rate of 698 people per 100,000, which is more than 5x as much as the rest of the founding NATO countries.

Prison Policy Initiative

“It is the human face — a face of color…

Now is the Time for Socially Responsible Innovation

The interconnection of life is crystal clear right now, during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We are inextricably linked with each other and with the natural world, whether we are sheltering in place in California as I am grateful to be, or on the front-lines with the sickest patients in a…

DMBA 2020 Capstone Project by Erin Schnair, Holly McKenna, Sarah Grimm & Serena Chan

Current feedback processes are broken. Employees don’t feel heard, and so they leave, which can cost a company twice the employee’s salary. This expensive problem lacks effective solutions.

Fidu is a revolutionary feedback tool that helps companies retain their employees by building trust at work. According to the Harvard Business…

Innovative Solutions: Linking the Restaurant Industry with Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity in the USA

The restaurant industry cannot be discussed without naming the crisis of food security that this country faces on a national scale. This pandemic is highlighting some of the broken links in the food system that have been previously ignored, and the…

April 2020 Data Visualization

Do more doctors mean decreasing death rates?

Disparities in healthcare within the USA and across the world have been of interest to me for a long time, and especially so in the COVID-19 era. Ventilators, hospital beds, and front-line healthcare workers are all hot topics in the news about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s being fought…

Drawing by Sarah M Grimm.

Seeking Real Inspiration in a Virtual World

Our deep existential questions have risen up more strongly than ever in response to the psychological chaos that descended with COVID-19. The ways we answer these questions have been, like the pandemic itself, unprecedented. The institutional barriers of traditional religion have long been removed for millennials, who have found myriad…

As of March 26, 2020 Data

How do the density of doctors and COVID-19 recovery rates relate across the globe?

Process Note

Not only is this pandemic unprecedented in how much it has shut down the economy, but also in how much it is constantly being tracked and reported on. The last pandemic was arguably the 2009 H1N1 flu and in that era we…

Sarah McCarthy Grimm

Sarah is a transformative design strategist who drives socially responsible innovation through interdisciplinary systems thinking. www.sarahmccarthygrimm.com

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